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We are very proud to have numerous long-term partnerships built on trust. This is something that cannot be taken for granted, particularly in challenging times such as these, and shows that AiCon brings the leading names in the sector together.

Partner Gold

Logo von Kanton Schwyz

Kanton Schwyz

The Canton of Schwyz is organising AiCon2020, combining the areas of science, economics, politics and society to showcase the outstanding achievements in artificial intelligence.
Logo von digitalswitzerland


digitalswitzerland is a Swiss-wide, multi-stakeholder initiative created from the shared vision of its over 175 members to strengthen Switzerland’s position as a leading innovation hub. By engaging government, business, academia and the public, we create a platform to lead Switzerland forward.
Logo von Mindfire


By building the world’s leading collective and artificial intelligence platform we unite the largest community of minds on fire. We firmly believe that by combining human curiosity and passion with AI, there are few problems we can’t solve. Mindfire empowers humans, to build a world where science, technology and progress lead to all people’s happiness.
Logo von furrerhugi


furrerhugi has been a leading partner for public affairs and public relations since 2006. We have a broad and unique network in politics, the media and business and work for national and international companies, associations, charities and universities, political parties and the administration.

Partner Silver

Logo von Schwyz Next

Schwyz Next

Schwyz Next brings together companies and institutes from across the Canton that are interested in analysing future trends, driving innovation and sharing experiences. It also acts as a platform where managers can share information and broaden their knowledge.
Logo von Canton of Zurich

Canton of Zurich

The Division of Business and Economic Development of the Canton of Zurich within the Office for Economy and Labour is committed to providing a good environment and favourable general conditions for companies and residents in the region. Zurich offers an ideal environment for residents and companies alike.